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June 15, 2023

RINA and Aprilia Racing start a technical partnership to take the evolution of Aprilia and MotoGP bikes to a new and higher level

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The leading engineering company in Italy and one of the most successful racing teams in history will collaborate in the research and development of new cutting-edge solutions.

Genoa/Noale (VE), 8 June 2023 - RINA, a multinational inspection, certification, and engineering consulting company, and Aprilia Racing, one of the most successful racing teams of all time, have signed a two-year sponsorship and technical partnership to drive the development of cutting-edge technologies in elite-level motorcycle sport.

RINA will offer Aprilia Racing its diverse engineering expertise acquired over more than 160 years in various fields where performance is the key factor for excellence, including aerospace, automotive, advanced material studies, and advanced manufacturing technologies.

The collaboration between two esteemed Italian technological leaders will apply to all aspects of a prototype race design. Leveraging RINA's multi-disciplinary skills and cutting edge technology transfer methods, Aprilia Racing will solidify its leadership and pioneering role, introducing ground-breaking solutions to the track and pushing the boundaries of motorsport and beyond.

RINA has extensive experience in developing innovative solutions that aim to improve aerodynamic and dynamic performance through numerical simulation platforms. Over the years, the company has also contributed to the realization of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) systems aimed at understanding and improving complex industrial processes. When it comes to exploring and advancing materials and technologies for innovative productions - of particular interest in the world of motorsport - RINA possesses a wealth of expertise. With multiple research centres staffed by approximately 250exceptionally specialized and motivated technicians and engineers, RINA maintains its position at the forefront of knowledge and development.

RINA will also stand by Aprilia Racing on sustainability issues, in line with the path already taken by MotoGP towards a racing world that is increasingly focused on decarbonization. The collaboration will bring the RINA brand to the livery of the motorcycles of the Noalebased manufacturer, starting with the Italian MotoGP Grand Prix, scheduled for this weekend at the Mugello International Circuit.

Ugo Salerno, Chairman and CEO of RINA, said: “With Aprilia Racing, one of the most famous brands in motorcycling and with its 54 world titles one of the most successful, we will be able to implement an extraordinary exchange of know-how and experience, contributing to the development of innovative technical solutions to improve the performance of motorcycles. Leveraging our multidisciplinary experience gained in various sectors, we aim to enhance a technological culture which, we hope, will be a precious ally of Aprilia Racing for the future".

Romano Albesiano, Technical Director of Aprilia Racing, emphasized, "Collaborating with an Italian entity possessing extensive andversatile engineering capabilities such as RINA presents uswith boundless opportunities. Accessing their wealth of experiences and expertise, spanning from numerical simulation to material development, will allow us to continue our growth path both in motorsport and as the technological excellence department of the Piaggio Group. The innovative spirit of Aprilia Racing has allowed us to come to terms with the best competitors in the world, now we aim to take a further leap forward”.

RINA, leading certification company and engineering company in Italy, provides a wide range of services across the Energy & Mobility, Marine, Certification, Infrastructure & Real Estate and Industry sectors. With net revenues in 2022 of 664 million euros, 5.300 employees and 200 offices in 70 countries worldwide, RINA is a member of key international organizations and an important contributor to the development of new legislative standards.

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