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July 20, 2022


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Jakarta, July 16, 2002 - Sparking phenomenal attention since it was first revealed at the 2021 EICMA -an international exhibition of motorcycles and accessories- in Milan, Italy, and followed by its first debut in Indonesia during the 2nd leg of the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP, the much-anticipated Aprilia SR-GT is finally here in Indonesia, committed to deliver excitement for the customer who needs and wants a product with more performance, superior capability, comfort, agility, and also taking them to the next level of a being stylish and sporty on the road.

This premium sporty scooter is designed to bring a series of advanced technologies that give pleasure and comfort in driving on many types of roads, from asphalt, concrete, rocky roads, to dirt roads. These advantages are inspired by the Enduro World, making it the ideal companion for adventures on both urban roads and trails with unpredictable conditions.

From the current Aprilia line up in Indonesia, such as Aprilia 660 family of the RS and Tuono, Aprilia has become a complete game changer in the mid-range sports bike segment.

Through all this knowledge and racing DNA experience, PT Piaggio Indonesia has melded together Aprilia to finally start a new trend of Premium Sporty Scooters in Indonesia, the Aprilia SR-GT 200. To level up the market through its eye-catching design, fun to ride, and to give you an exciting journey, every day, everywhere.

Perfect control for active riding

The naked handlebar from Aprilia SR-GT offers ultimate control, while the long-travel suspension and increased ground clearance ensures any obstacle is easily surmounted when riding in the city. And the tires, with their generous cross-section and “gritty” tread design, allow the rider to adventure on any surface, from asphalt to cobblestones and any roads.  Ideal for urban travel in Indonesia, where everyday commute is a challenge in itself with the changing conditions of the roads and monotonous routine.

All of this is combined with the unmistakable Aprilia sporty design, the latest i-get engine complete with Start & Stop system for top-class performance, and comprehensive equipment that includes full LED lights, and LCD instrumentation.

Sporty design lines with a distinctive racing feel

The versatility of Aprilia SR-GT is immediately clear from its style details, with strong references to the racing character of Aprilia sports bikes, but also the noticeable premium look.

From the side, Aprilia SR-GT is lean and slim, with reduced overhang and taut, dynamic lines that emphasize its sports nature. As well as housing the tank, the central tunnel serves to connect the front and rear, giving SR-GT the appearance of a motorcycle. In addition, with a focus on providing an enjoyable driving experience, the Aprilia SR-GT driver's seat is slightly pulled back, giving an 'active and ready' impression compared to another premium scooter in general.

Standing out at the front is the full LED three-element light cluster, typical of Aprilia brand sports bikes, as well as the double fairing that emerges to the sides of the shield, but there is also a clear enduro influence, with the suspended windscreen and wide, naked handlebar that contributes to a sense of total control, particularly when maneuvering at low speed in city traffic.

Unstoppable for both inner-city and long-distance riding

The Aprilia SR-GT is designed to make every ride thrilling and become a pleasure for every rider. Aprilia engineers have improved the frame and chassis to ensure dynamic and precise performance. The double-mounted seat frame in high-strength steel tubes paired with a new suspension–specially developed for this model–to accommodate long-distance riding.

Thanks to its advanced chassis and light-alloy wheels–14 inches at the front and 13 inches at the rear with wide-section tires (110/80 and 130/70), Aprilia SR-GT weighs only 148 kilograms when the tank is full. It enables the premium motorbike to offer more than excellent agility and control in traffic, but it is also stable at more sustained speeds.

For the braking system, Aprilia SR-GT uses a 260 mm petal front disc, which is lighter and dissipates heat more efficiently for better performance. At the rear, Aprilia SR-GT is equipped with a 220 mm disc (petal-shaped on the Sport versions).

The Aprilia SR-GT also stands out with a minimum ground clearance of 175 mm, an unprecedented achievement for the premium scooter segment. It allows riders to overcome any bumps in the road with ease and maneuver downhill more comfortably. All of these characteristics, combined with the all-terrain tires that have a slightly protruding tread, make the Aprilia SR-GT versatile and suitable for all road conditions.

Next-generation i-get engine for high-end performance

The Aprilia SR-GT takes the premium sporty scooter to the next level with its power and engine efficiency as it belongs in the large family of i-get engines, which are modern in design with electronic injection, four valves and liquid cooling, this is a truly remarkable product from the R&D center of Piaggio Group to lead the scooter engine innovation.

The Aprilia SR-GT 200 also introduces the new 174cc single-cylinder that offers 13kW of power at 8,500rpm and 16.5Nm of torque at 7,000rpm. This absolute engine technology ensures the elasticity, speed, and smooth ride in all road conditions.

All Aprilia SR-GT models are equipped with a Start & Stop system known as RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System). This system replaces the traditional starter with a brushless DC electric motor mounted directly on the crankshaft. It will make the scooter automatically shut down the engine 1 to 5 seconds after stop (depending on the operating temperature). A slight roll of the throttle is enough to instantly restart the engine in complete silence as there is no traditional starter.

Presenting a sporty, brave design

In addition to the more contemporary versions, the Aprilia SR-GT also offers a Sport version which offers more sports-oriented graphics and finishes through its gritty look.

The Aprilia SR-GT is available in three colors, Aprilia Black, Street Gray, and Infinity Blue, each paired with silver-gray foot pegs, sides, and passenger handrails. The wheels and saddle appear in black with gray stitching.

Get closer to Aprilia's signature sports bike with the Aprilia SR-GT Sport Version that is available in Street Gold, Iridium Gray, and Red Raceway Matte color. All paired with red-painted wheels and a black-and-gray dual-tone saddle wrapped in red stitching, silvery-gray footpegs that feature Aprilia lettering, matte black center and side columns, and passenger grips to match the bike. A huge "a" for Aprilia also features on the side.


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